Welcome to the Nigerian Association of Greater Toledo (NAGT) website. Formed in 2003, NAGT is a socio-cultural organization dedicated to the progress and vitality of our community. Membership of the Association includes all Nigerians by virtue of birth, marriage, and adoption/naturalization as well as other interested and responsible individuals residing in Toledo and other parts of Northwest Ohio. As the number of Nigerians in the community increased especially in the last few years, it became necessary to have an enrichment forum where issues of importance to members and their community will be received, considered and acted upon collectively. It was against this backdrop that NAGT was formed. Although relatively a young Association, NAGT has already made its marks in Toledo and its environs through its socio-cultural, community and diversity activities as it continues to fulfill the goals for which it was constituted. Highlights of our mission include the following:
To work cooperatively with public and private agencies, businesses, industries and community organizations on issues beneficial to members and the larger community.
To foster unity and good relationship between and among Nigerians and members of other communities and citizens of Greater Toledo
To promote social, educational, cultural and economic interests of Nigerians both here and in Nigeria
To educate and share with our children and the Greater Toledo community on the beauty and riches of the Nigerian tapestry of cultures and languages.

– Dr. Emily  Monago

Happy 56th Independence Anniversary